You’re Not the Only One Being Evaluated in Your Interview

When you’re interviewing for a job, you may feel that you’re undergoing a major inquisition. Questions are coming rapid fire, you’re being judged on every word and movement that you make or don’t make. It’s rough. But here’s the good news: you’re not the only one who is being evaluated.

Sure, this employer is going to decide whether they want you on their team; and that’s a big deal. However, you also have to decide if their team is ready for an amazing, workplace super star such as yourself. Today, on Careerbuilder’s The Work Buzz and, I shared a few tips on How to spot your Interviewer’s Red Flags. Check it out!


The WorKBuzz How to spot an interviewers red flags


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It’s time to Ditch the “New Girl”

Are you shopping around for the right career like a pair of shoes? Trying on a bunch of new jobs only to find they don’t fit? Then you have to start allll over again at a new job.

Hop off that hamster wheel of perpetual job searching.

Video topics include:

  1. How to make being underemployed, work in your favor
  2. Creating the space to assess your values and create a career plan
  3. Practical tips for surviving your first 90 days
  4. Overcoming mental barriers and closing the skills gaps to lengthen your tenure

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Fulfilling My Purpose: 8 Blogs For Ambitious Young Professionals

Last week, I met with a super sassy and sweet blogger/coach. I wanted advice on blogging from someone who has done it successful and could help me find a path that is genuine to me.ambition

What I discovered is that I kinda already knew what my path was, I just hadn’t been taking it. Here’s the thing, my blog is an extension of my life coaching practice. The goal of my practice is to “Inspire Young Professionals to Live More Authentic and Productive Lives.” But I have a responsibility to do more that just “inspire”. (more…)

The First 5 Things I LOVE about Lena Dunham

Last night, I watched the Golden Globes. I normally don’t because I’m really not a big movie/tv person, but I happened to have a friend/client that was working backstage, so that kinda piqued my interest. And I’m glad it did, because I got to see Lena Dunham take home two awards for the HBO show GIRLS. If you haven’t seen it, you should give it a try. It’s one on a very short list of reasons I regret not having cable in my new apartment.

So, here are the first 5, of soooo many reasons why I’m a huge fan of Lena Dunham and Girls: (more…)

5 Resolutions for Young Professionals Seeking Success in 2013

This post comes with a warning. NEVER make resolutions or set goals that you don’t intend on committing yourself to.Be Successful at Work

It’s challenging enough to hold true to your authentically set goals with the hurdles that life throws at us. Adding Fake Commitment, only cements your fate. So commit fully to your resolutions. Give them a date, decide how you will measure your progress, and get excited about your commitment, so that you are able to sustain your motivation and stay inspired to follow through with your resolutions.

Now, with all that out of the way, let’s get to the goods!

Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions that will lead those of you committed to change directly to professional success, in 2013 and beyond. (more…)

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