It’s time to Ditch the “New Girl”

Are you shopping around for the right career like a pair of shoes? Trying on a bunch of new jobs only to find they don’t fit? Then you have to start allll over again at a new job.

Hop off that hamster wheel of perpetual job searching.

Video topics include:

  1. How to make being underemployed, work in your favor
  2. Creating the space to assess your values and create a career plan
  3. Practical tips for surviving your first 90 days
  4. Overcoming mental barriers and closing the skills gaps to lengthen your tenure

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Fulfilling My Purpose: 8 Blogs For Ambitious Young Professionals

Last week, I met with a super sassy and sweet blogger/coach. I wanted advice on blogging from someone who has done it successful and could help me find a path that is genuine to me.ambition

What I discovered is that I kinda already knew what my path was, I just hadn’t been taking it. Here’s the thing, my blog is an extension of my life coaching practice. The goal of my practice is to “Inspire Young Professionals to Live More Authentic and Productive Lives.” But I have a responsibility to do more that just “inspire”. (more…)

Should You “Fake It Til You Make It”?

I posed this question on the Veranda Lane Facebook page and got a few insightful responses:

“If that’s the beginning of a shift in perspective, it’s a good idea.”Fake it til you make it

“I believe in being yourself because if you’re acting otherwise…you aren’t being fair to yourself. Being yourself = happiness!”

“Truth helps and will always show up.”

“… “faking it” is not implying that one is or should be “phony”, per se, but rather one’s mindset and accompanying actions are there (at the point of success) even if the other attributes are not quite there yet.”

They are all right. There are situations when “faking it”, can feel like your best option, but there more situations when this will lead you to betray yourself and as the Facebook Fan puts it above “The truth will always show up”.


Success. Inspired.

How to inspire others to success in business and life.

I have a client who mentors Virtual Assistants in hopes that they will one day be successful in their own businesses. Each day, I complete tasks that  show her audience the ins and outs of the business and inspire them to success. Recently, I caught myself pondering one of my tasks very closely: Collect Motivational quotes to share on Twitter each day. I thought to myself, what is motivation. Is it the same as inspiration? Does it matter? Here’s what I found:

Motivation is defined as the willingness of action.
Inspiration in its most archaic form is to breathe life into.

I’ll break it down. (more…)

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