Love Yourself to Attract Love

Guest Post: Iviana Bynum of

Many of us ask ourselves why we can’t be in a good relationship.  Well, one of the roots to having a good relationship is loving yourself.  How can you enjoy life otherwise?  When we don’t have self-love, it is usually difficult for us to show love to others and be in the relationships we truly need.give_yourself_a_hug-277x300

So how is it that we end up depriving ourselves of the love that we require?  It’s when we’re stuck feeling inferior, sorry for ourselves, shameful, or guilty because of past experiences. (more…)


Fulfilling My Purpose: 8 Blogs For Ambitious Young Professionals

Last week, I met with a super sassy and sweet blogger/coach. I wanted advice on blogging from someone who has done it successful and could help me find a path that is genuine to me.ambition

What I discovered is that I kinda already knew what my path was, I just hadn’t been taking it. Here’s the thing, my blog is an extension of my life coaching practice. The goal of my practice is to “Inspire Young Professionals to Live More Authentic and Productive Lives.” But I have a responsibility to do more that just “inspire”. (more…)

Is Goal Setting Reserved for Your Work Life?

One of the most painful questions that I’ve ever been asked:

“What are you hobbies?”goalsetting

Why? Because, it makes me squirm. My go-to answer has always been “Work. Work is my hobby, because it’s all that I have time for.” What an awful life I was living! I woke up, went to work, came home, did more work, slept, then started it all over again. During those days, I abandoned the other aspects of my life: family, spiritual growth, community involvement. All of these were a distant second to climbing the corporate ladder.  (more…)

Clarifying Values to Live a More Authentic Life

Rubik's Cube Français : Rubik's Cube Bahasa Me...

In today’s episode, I have a fun, transformative exercise that will help to clarify your true values, so that you can live a compelling life of significance. When you clarify your values, it’s a million times easier to understand what your destiny in life is, or what you want it to be. Defining your purpose is one of the most powerful tools I can offer, and one of the most versatile skills you’ll ever have. (more…)

How Much Will Your Cyber Monday Purchase Cost You?

I am completely fascinated with human behavior when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People flock to malls, camp outside around outlets and rush like mad hatters, trying to spend all their money before the next person can.  These eager shoppers, go in with a game plan for how they will to get in and get out with their hit list of products before they’re all sold out. They really get passionate about their tactics and the challenge of pursuing them, which is everything that marketers and big box retailers could wish for. (more…)

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