Why Self Esteem is Overrated

Today, I’m curled up with a cup of Yogi Tea and my computer learning as much about Self Love as I can fit into one day.  I promised you a month of “Showing Love” in honor of Valentine’s Day, so I’m diving in. First topic: Self Esteem. It’s one of those things we all hold on to like a lifeboat. Telling ourselves and others that we gotta have it.  But, we have a tendency to go overboard. With everything. But specifically with this concept. Let’s look at the definition: i-love-myself (more…)


Fulfilling My Purpose: 8 Blogs For Ambitious Young Professionals

Last week, I met with a super sassy and sweet blogger/coach. I wanted advice on blogging from someone who has done it successful and could help me find a path that is genuine to me.ambition

What I discovered is that I kinda already knew what my path was, I just hadn’t been taking it. Here’s the thing, my blog is an extension of my life coaching practice. The goal of my practice is to “Inspire Young Professionals to Live More Authentic and Productive Lives.” But I have a responsibility to do more that just “inspire”. (more…)

The First 5 Things I LOVE about Lena Dunham

Last night, I watched the Golden Globes. I normally don’t because I’m really not a big movie/tv person, but I happened to have a friend/client that was working backstage, so that kinda piqued my interest. And I’m glad it did, because I got to see Lena Dunham take home two awards for the HBO show GIRLS. If you haven’t seen it, you should give it a try. It’s one on a very short list of reasons I regret not having cable in my new apartment.

So, here are the first 5, of soooo many reasons why I’m a huge fan of Lena Dunham and Girls: (more…)

Poking the Hive

Recently, I found myself doing something completely illogical. It was as if I had suddenly come across a huge bee hive, and was overwhelmed with the desire to go closer, take a look inside. I couldn’t help but put my hand on it to understand how it works. Let’s just say that this turned into a precarious situation, where I felt like a curious but injured bear after poking a bee hive.

The queen bee in a hive.

Interesting image, isn’t it? (more…)

Freezing A Moment in Time

“Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.”

Yesterday, while spending some time at my mom’s house, I peeked into the rooms of my little brother and sister. Each has a wall full of pictures that brought back a barrage of memories. In my family, pictures are a big deal. At any given holiday meal, with my 16 aunts and uncles and over 50 cousins, someone will inevitably mention a picture they had and who they think may have removed it from their collection. So, looking at these pictures in my mom’s house, I had to fight back the urge to take a few off the wall.

Why are pictures such a big deal to us? Because that little slip of paper holds the memories of days gone by, of love ones lost and good times we’ve had. And with a family this large, we’ve had plenty. So I’d have to say by far that pictures, are my very favorite things. (more…)

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