Asha K on Showing Love

Asha K_Headshot3Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but the Love is still flowing. As promised, this month I’m sharing guest post and interviews with some of my favorite ladies, and we’re all about SHOWING LOVE.

Today’s interview is with Asha K, TV host, blogger and Founder of She’s a shining example of a Woman in Business, doing very big things. We met during a Twitter Chat about relationships and to honor our original meeting place, I’ve included a few links to help you Tweet out her responses that really resonate with you!

Read on to hear Asha’s take on how to “Show Love”.


Tell us a little about your background and your “Love Story”  

I have been brought up in a loving family. I am very fortunate to have great parents who are still together, and a wonderful younger brother and older sister. Our parents always instilled in us from an early age that loving each other is paramount as a family, and they also set a great example. Growing up in a Christian household meant we were always pointed in the direction of Godly love and shown how to love others in a way that Christ loved us.

As for my personal relationships, I have always been great friends/besties with guys and loved being a tomboy. So I have only had a total of about 4 relationships. I have learned a lot in all of those. One was a marriage and that was probably the hardest lesson to learn from after it ended. I have learned that Love is a choice and an action, not just a romantic feeling. I have learned more about myself being in relationships and grown as a person, maturing in ways you only can by loving someone else. I have also learned that love isn’t just a romantic love. It’s a family and friends love too which is really important to me.

I think as a woman I always want to, like my parents, set a higher standard of “loving one another” and breaking down barriers that we tend to create as females.

How will you use GirltalkHQ to empower women in 2013?

I am hoping and determined that GirlTalkHQ will inspire and empower many young and older women in 2013. I want them to reach their full potential and read other stories of women who are conquerers. I hope my site will be able to be the Headquarters (hence the name) of all news stories and features relating to women doing great and wonderful things from all around the world.

Showing women there is more to news media and the internet than just gossip, entertainment and bitchiness will make them realize there is some great material out there and amazing women to connect with.

Help us to expand our concept of love. What types of love are there beyond the romantic type?

Like I mentioned in my first question, the friends and family type. I can honestly say, although we fight and have personality clashes every now and then, my family will always be my first love here on earth. I am so blessed to have the unit I do and I want to use that as an example to set for when I have my own family one day. My friends I love with such a fierce love and I know they love me the same way. We can count on each other no matter what. I have a group of girls I know I can always go to for anything. That is something very special and unique. I believe God gives us families and friends because as human beings we need each other.

Once we get past the concept that love just means some short-term romantic feeling that fizzles out after a few months, we have the ability to love in real ways with not just a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

In what ways do you encourage women to show love whether to themselves or others?

Be kind, be confident and be genuine. Those are great foundations to start with. Treating others how you yourself want to be treated, and setting great examples will make people respect you and want to be around you more.

What is the connection between showing love to others and our own body image/self esteem?

The way you love yourself and respect yourself is usually a direct indicator of how you will treat others. If we can’t appreciate, admire and be content with who we are then why would we want to extend that to someone else? I always talk about this on my website and encourage readers to work on their inner selves first. I am a firm believer in being the best person you can be and not being afraid to embrace your flaws and differences. It is what makes you unique and special. Once we recognize this in ourselves and start getting excited about who we are, then we can start celebrating and loving other people also!

Is this similar in how we react to celebrities? Does respecting their humanity, not being overly judgmental about their weight/decisions/romantic partners, etc. affect the love in our own lives?

Absolutely. I am so fed up with how the media brings women down by commenting on their looks. It breeds a culture of frustration and bitchiness. We women are our own worst enemies sometimes and we get that from entertainment and the media. If we start to create a habit of not focusing on celebrities’ flaws but their achievements instead we will see we have the power to change what media reports on.

Celebs are human beings too, they have “fat” days, bad hair days, grumpy days, they get divorced, they have fights, they pick the wrong outfits etc etc. If we give them allowances for their flaws we will learn to accept ours too.

Have we as women have allowed pop culture/the media to influence our love lives? How so?

Yes I think so. We look to celebrities and movies as the guide when in reality, they are mostly fantasies or exaggerations. When we set something like a celebrity couple up on a pedestal we are bound to fail at love because they are just flawed human beings trying to work out their relationship too.

We need to find real examples of love in our own lives we can aspire to instead.

It’s February, the month when everyone is focused on romantic love. What advice do you have for a single woman who may be feeling like there’s no “Prince Charming” in sight?

It’s not the end of the world. Be content with yourself. Fill your life with things that make you happy such as friends, hobbies, a good job, stability, great music, food, vacations and anything to make you a whole person. Being with a man doesn’t make you whole. Once you are content and complete that is going to be attractive to a man more than anything. Also, there is no “prince Charming”, there is only the “working progress”. If they are willing to love you, make an effort and treat you right then you have a great start. Don’t look for perfection, look for someone who is going to work with you and want to do life alongside and improve with you.

You get the last word. What would you like to share about healthy relationships and how we can show love?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You are who you are for a reason. We women have emotions and feelings for a reason. Don’t let anyone tell you to dim yourself for any reason. If you are with someone who is trying to change you, then they are not the right person for you. They are just looking to fill a checklist. Be generous, be kind and use your words wisely because they are a big deal. Be humble and gentle and always keep it classy ;)

Join me in thanking Asha for this interview. Click here to share your thoughts/questions.

Asha K is TV Host and Blogger. Born in the UK, raised in Australia, living in Los Angeles and Indian by ethnicity, her passion is to use her platform to influence and empower young women to live their best lives. She has worked for Fox, MTV, Disney, Nickelodeon, TV Guide Network, ABC, and just to name a few, and has been nominated for 2 Television awards in Australia. Asha is the creator and founder of lifestyle website She started it to share and create content showing young women there is more to life than trying to be a Kardashian or a ‘Real Housewife’, and to share real women’s stories.
You can find her on twitter @girltalkhq and @thisisashak and
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