My Faves: The NeuYear Calendar

If you were around on Monday, then you saw the post in which I rededicated myself to the goal of my blog: Inspiring Young Professionals to live more authentic and professional lives AND sharing the resources that will help them do just that. Today I’m sharing another snazzy tool that I discovered just two weeks ago.

It’s the NeuYear Wall Planner and it is a beauty! I ordered mine after I saw it in my Grad Meets World email, and hopped right on it. I’m one of those people who has to write EVERYTHING down lest it disappear into the recesses of my aging brain.  Also, I gotta admit, now that I’m working from home, I forget what day it is about twice a week. So…somebody’s got a new idea on how to keep me organized…I’m in.

Here’s what I love about this wall calendar:

  1. It works like my brain does. Sometimes I’m planning what to do tomorrow, others I’m planning what to do for Easter. With the entire calendar splayed out in front of me, I can do them both at once. 
  2. It’s Dry Erase. So I can change my mind a bazillion times. And I will.
  3. It’s super cute. Really, the folks over at NeuYear have done a great job of balancing style and function.

As I’m writing this post, I did a little Google and it looks like this thing is the HOT giveaway for the new year. So, count this as one time that I’m 100% okay with being a follower, because I want you to have this is your house, NOW. Even if I have to buy it for you myself.


So, click here to enter my January giveaway. You can win one of these lovelies or a Free 90 minute coaching session.


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