Fulfilling My Purpose: 8 Blogs For Ambitious Young Professionals

Last week, I met with a super sassy and sweet blogger/coach. I wanted advice on blogging from someone who has done it successful and could help me find a path that is genuine to me.ambition

What I discovered is that I kinda already knew what my path was, I just hadn’t been taking it. Here’s the thing, my blog is an extension of my life coaching practice. The goal of my practice is to “Inspire Young Professionals to Live More Authentic and Productive Lives.” But I have a responsibility to do more that just “inspire”.

I’ve also gotta provide the tools and resources that’ll help you out. So, that’s my goal here, my path: To provide inspiration and resources that lead Young Professionals to a more authentic and productive life. To begin, I’ll share with you a few other blogs that I spend my days with. Some are big, some are small. Some are very career focused, while others cover health, finances, relationships, etc. But…I need your help.

When you get to the bottom of the post, keep on scrollin’ til you start seeing green. Then take a few seconds to comment on this list, add other blogs that you like, or just say “hi”.

1. Ophelia’s Webb
If you follow me on Twitter, then you may already know the Authentic, Quirky and a self-proclaimed Super Goof at Ophelia’s Webb, I’ve shared her stuff before. After reading 27 things about this blogger, I found that we have about 15 things in common. I’d bet you do too She blogs about career, life and has especially interesting views on relationships. She even provides THE answer to life’s biggest question. 

2. Life at TwentySomething 
Reading Life at TwentySomething is like having a conversation with my bff. It’s super random, but I know she totally gets me. Although I’ve already mourned the loss of my days as a “Twentysomething”, I still find this blog hilarious and helpful. You can also catch her and a host of other sassy ladies over on Mscareergirl.com.

3. Cordelia Calls it Quits
This chick has the right idea AND the right attitude. She’s taking us on her journey to step out of the 9 to 5 box and quit all the garbage that comes with it. But she’s got a plan…If your plan to call it quits includes an angry rant or jumping out of an airplane, I highly suggest you hop over and download her ebook.

4. When the Girl Meets World
Niki is my hometown girl. Well…not really. Neither of us is actually from Washington, D.C., but we’re here and, however awkwardly, making the best of it. She has a special spin on goal setting that is like a Bucket List, for someone who is far away from kicking the bucket. I met her on Number Three of her 213 in 2013. Tune in to be inspired, entertained and informed.

5. Life Without Pants
One of very few dudes on my list, but certainly one of the most inspiring. Read this to open your mind to a new way of thinking. He says the things that we all know but are afraid to saw out loud, more or less actually DO them. From practical advice on productivity to overcoming fears and starting over, he covers it all.

6. Grad Meets World (Click this link to see a familiar face)
If I had to pick a favorite on this list, it’d be this one. Having met Amanda twice, I’m convinced that she is pure genius. When we chat, I always leave feeling smarter, happier and more informed and when you read her blog, you will too. I particularly enjoy her tips from the Recruiting industry. If you’ve ever sat in an interview and wondered what they interviewer was REALLY thinking, check her out. But the best part is that she’s a connector. Her blog posts and email updates are chock full of books, tools, websites and financial info that’ll get your butt in gear whether you like it or not.


If you’re short on time, start with these two. They have tons of contributors (some of whom are on this list) so you’ll get many perspectives/topics. I put these and Grad Meets World at the bottom as a lil treat to those who actually read a whole post. Thanks.

7. Brazen Life
I was first introduced to Penelope Trunk and Brazen Careerist back in my old corporate days. (In my mind those were 3 lifetimes ago, but it’s really only been 13 months). I fell in love with her stuff because I love meeting folks that are as awkward as I am and totally okay with it. Penelope is one of the founders of Brazen, one of the very first and very best sites for Young Pros. It goes beyond just blog to live events, networking and more. Do you want to be ballsy about your career? Run it like it’s your own company? Go to Brazen and learn how EVERYONE is an entrepreneur.

8. Under 30 Careers
This blog seems like a major conglomerate but it’s really just a few of really impressive, really hard workers. They have 3 sites: Under30CEO, Under30Careers, and Under30Finances. Read.Them.All. Even if you’re not a CEO, you need to think like one in order to get to the top. If you consider yourself an ambitious Young Professional…get over that post-haste.

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  1. Hi! You made my day by including LifeAtTwentySomething :) I really appreciate it and am looking forward to getting to know yours!

  2. Thank you so, so much for including my blog on this roundup of such an incredibly impressive list of other bloggers – many of whom I admire! I greatly appreciate the kind words and support. Look forward to more posts and recommendations!

  3. Well shoot that’s some good company to be in. Thanks for calling out how great it is to be authentic, even it means that sometimes you are a little quirky and goofy. A truth that ambitious young climbers need to hear. :)

    • You’re an absolute rockstar! I think the more authentic we all are, the easier we make it for the next person.

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