It’s Confession Time.

Click below for my video confession (a la Real World).


Option 1: Get a Motivational Push!

I feel like I owe you. I got my motivation to finish up my goal process from every single one of you that is on this list.

Let me return the favor. If you need a little nudge, click here to tell me what’s holding you back and I’ll give you a quick motivational call. We can chat for about 5 minutes, to get you back on track. If you don’t answer, I’ll leave you a nice message. So, don’t worry, I’ll only call you once!

Click here. It’s totally FREE.


Option 2: Pull Up Your Sleeves and Dig Deep

If you’d like to work with me to complete this process together, let’s set up a 90 minute Strategy Session. No matter what step you’re on, I’ll make sure that you’re ready to go by the end of the call.

We’ll chat it up and:

  • Review your Big Hairy Authentic Goals
  • Discover how you can take action to achieve them.
  • Create a personalized method for staying on track throughout the year.

The cost of a normal 90- Minute Coaching Session= $108
The investment in your creating a Fantastic 2013 = $49  (That’s a 55% Discount)

Click here if you’re willing to sacrifice just one of these things to live your BEST life?


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