How My Lunch Can Help You Set Goals for 2013

One of my goals for 2013, is to only eat out in social situations. This goal is mean to save me both dollars and calories by eating at home. This is especially hard for me, because there are no less than 15 restaurants within two blocks of my house. So this afternoon, when my tummy started to grumble, I felt the pull of the Goal Gremlin. I got up and did something that I’ve done since I was a kid; stared blankly into a completely stocked fridge thinking “There’s NOTHING in here.”

So, grumblytummy had me thinking about a nice Vegan Soul Food joint around the corner. I’m not vegan…at all, but in the midst of the hunger it sounded like an awesome idea. I went to their website, checked the menu and lusted over the food for 20 minutes. Then started to get dressed; but something stopped me. Before I walked out, I took one more look in the fridge and saw a piece of salmon that would only take 10 minutes to cook. That sounds easy.  Oh and I could throw this spinach in the same pan. Ehh, ok. I guess I have some rice I could pop in the microwave.

And there you go. Just like that, my attempted goal failure was derailed. The meal was so easy it make almost came together on it’s own before I could even fight it. And here’s what happened:


So Raven, what the hell does this have to do with goal setting? Alright alright, I’ll bring it on home. These are the three things that I (unknowingly) did to prepare for today.

Written goals get achieved.

In past years, I’ve had tons of goals swimming around in my head. They never got done. Because when the time came to do them I’d already forgotten they existed. Once I started to write my goals down, they became more important and began coming to fruition. Even if I don’t look at them often, the simple process of writing them down adds them to the “Get er Done” file in the back of my mind.

Plan for success.

After writing this as one of my goals, my next step was to figure out how to achieve it. If I wanna eat at home, I’d better have some food here. So, I decided to go grocery shopping every two weeks. Then I put my grocery shopping days on my calendar. That doesn’t mean that I’m so uptight and schedule-centric that I have to plan every moment of my day. But it does mean that every time I look at my calendar I remember that I have this goal to achieve. Sometimes I go before that day arrives, sometimes I go several days after. What’s important is that the achievement of this goal is something I’m faced with every day.

Plan to fail.

It’s because I have this goal over my head that I even paused to take that second look in the fridge. When shopping, I knew that  hunger comes on fast and furious, so I made sure to buy things that were quick and easy to cook. In doing that, I was prepared for this very day, when the goal gremlin tapped me on the shoulder and begged me to fail.  I know me, I know that the very fact that I set this as a goal meant that I’d eventually be tempted. So I took this and other steps to make it easy to succeed. 

There are many ways to meet and exceed your personal goals, but step one is to SET THEM! (Click to Tweet it)

If you want to set concrete and achievable goals for 2013, download the Big Hairy Authentic Goal Planner. You’ll not only get the free planner, but I’ll check in on you by email and share goal setting tips and motivation to help you craft a better life.

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