The First 5 Things I LOVE about Lena Dunham

Last night, I watched the Golden Globes. I normally don’t because I’m really not a big movie/tv person, but I happened to have a friend/client that was working backstage, so that kinda piqued my interest. And I’m glad it did, because I got to see Lena Dunham take home two awards for the HBO show GIRLS. If you haven’t seen it, you should give it a try. It’s one on a very short list of reasons I regret not having cable in my new apartment.

So, here are the first 5, of soooo many reasons why I’m a huge fan of Lena Dunham and Girls:

  1. She’s accomplished a helluva lot. This girl probably does more during a nap than I might ever accomplish in life. She’s a Writer, Director, Producer and of course Actress. When I think of what I was doing at 26….oh boy. It plays out a lot like the characters on Girls. Galavanting around town, doing whatever I pleased, taking a lot of thought only to still make really bad decisions, and surrounding myself with people who fed my neuroses. And I mean buffet style. So I’ve got love for any youngin’ who is working their little tail off, especially if it’s doing something about which they feel passionate and uniquely talented.
  2. She’s weird. And unapologetically so. She’s not a size 0. In fact, I can’t tell what size she is, but she’s neither so large or so small that I worry about her health. She’s a real life-sized girl. But it isn’t just her size that makes her weird, it’s her demeanor. Last night on the Golden Globes, she accepted her award like her team had just won the science fair. And maybe, that’s the closest thing that she has to compare. Many people are saying that her dress didn’t flatter her figure and showed too much of her tattoos and she didn’t know how to walk in her shoes. 1) Though I have none, I believe tattoos are an awesome reminder that when you make a decision with permanent repercussions, you should embrace it, stand behind it, show it off, and if you get sick of it, change it. But never cover it up because someone else might not think it’s cute. 2) Yeah, her feet hurt, you know why…because she, unlike most people, had to get up from her table and navigate around those stupid banquet tables with no real aisle to speak of, to accept not one, but TWO Golden Globe awards. So, there! and, 3) If you were focused on her dress…you missed it.
  3. She’s young. Not to be redundant, but did I mention she’s 26!?! FYI – Our generation is taking over the world. Get on board.
  4. She’s funny. In a dry, nerdy, uses words I have to look up kinda way. But when I look them up, I feel that she’s just given me a little present. Beyond just watching the show, if you check her out on Twitter, you’ll laugh every single day. I love a person who is funny without trying. Who just notices things in life, says them and hilarity ensues.
  5. She’s got balls. I wonder if she knows that she’s leading a revolution. Writing scripts wherein girls talk to each other like girls ACTUALLY talk to each other!?! Who does that? And guess what, people love it. I believe that she is a part of a new “Reality TV” boom where we go beyond the garbage we’ve seen where semi-celebrities pretend to show us their real lives, and start to show what life is like for real people. But using fake people, so that we can all sit back at first and scoff at their actions until we realize that they are JUST. LIKE.US. In this new reality revolution, shows like GIRLS show women like me that I am NORMAL. Normal is awkward and uncomfortable and fun. Normal people take their clothes off even if they are out of shape. Normal people have boyfriend that we aren’t sure are boyfriends because they haven’t returned our text messages. Normal people have long time friend with whom we argue, say horrible things and then make up. Normal people mess up, make mistakes, are confused, but eventually we get it together.

So that’s five, I could go on for days because Lena Dunham’s talent, for me, is endless. I hope that she inspires an entire generation (or just a handful of people) to live life on their terms, be awesome and set new standards.

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