Is Goal Setting Reserved for Your Work Life?

One of the most painful questions that I’ve ever been asked:

“What are you hobbies?”goalsetting

Why? Because, it makes me squirm. My go-to answer has always been “Work. Work is my hobby, because it’s all that I have time for.” What an awful life I was living! I woke up, went to work, came home, did more work, slept, then started it all over again. During those days, I abandoned the other aspects of my life: family, spiritual growth, community involvement. All of these were a distant second to climbing the corporate ladder. 

Both coaches and their clients often have a habit of over-focusing on professional challenges. It makes sense; most folks hire a coach primarily to overcome what they perceive as professional or financial challenges. But we both know that our lives are made of much more than just our jobs or how much money we have. In fact, deficiencies in those areas can be a symptom that you are neglecting another, more important, part of life.

Hyper-focus on one part of your life to the detriment of the rest is a horrible habit. Especially when the one area you choose is that which drains the energy you need to live an authentically happy life. Instead, develop a rhythm for balancing your personal and professional life. Do this, by taking the time to think about who you’d like to be in your personal life and how you’d like to get there.

  • What new adventures do you want to explore?
  • How would you like to spend time with your family?
  • Who are your closest friends, how often do you see/speak to them?
  • How do you contribute to your local community?

Set personal goals around these areas and be as devoted to their achievement as to those handed down to you at work.

Just as it’s important to love your job, earn enough income and use all the professional opportunities around you, it is equally important to ensure that you have healthy personal relationships, continued learning opportunities and the strength that only personal spirituality can offer (regardless of which path you choose).

But where you do you start? How do you even begin to manage all that there is to life? Just the process of writing down these goals down, can turn wishes into wants, and wants into goals, which will become pillars in your new authentic life.

So go get a pen! Then, download the FREE 2013 Big Hairy Audacious Goal Planner. Decide how you’ll do this year differently. Decide to SET and ACHIEVE authentic goals in your personal life.

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