Clarifying Values to Live a More Authentic Life

Rubik's Cube Français : Rubik's Cube Bahasa Me...

In today’s episode, I have a fun, transformative exercise that will help to clarify your true values, so that you can live a compelling life of significance. When you clarify your values, it’s a million times easier to understand what your destiny in life is, or what you want it to be. Defining your purpose is one of the most powerful tools I can offer, and one of the most versatile skills you’ll ever have.

Clear values help you define your life’s purpose. It’s like pulling off the blind fold you’ve been wearing, and suddenly seeing all the potholes around you. With clear values, you can clearly see the path to avoiding those potholes while you enjoy the transformative journey into the life of your dreams. It’s all too easy to wander through life without clearly defined goals, which makes it extremely difficult to balance your finances, education, relationships, family and your job.

Once you define your values, your goals will form in front of you like the solving of a magic Rubik’s Cube. It brings you power and control to decide what your destiny is and how you’ll get there.

Just keep in mind, with power comes responsibility, as the late Peter Parker once put it, and it works the same with your life and your goals. Having clarity in your life is an awesome superpower that I want you to have. But you gotta remember that it comes with the responsibility of maintenance and motivation. You should continually clarify and redefine your values and goals, because like people, they change all the time.

That being said, I am happy to present you with this worksheet designed just for the purpose of helping you clarify your values in order to set smarter goals.

Click here to Download the Values Worksheet.



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