The Smallest Decisions Make the Biggest Difference

Today I want to talk about little decisions and the BIG impact they can have on your life.

You see, in my own life, and in the lives of my clients, I have experienced a universal truth:

Decisions Dictate DestinyShe Decided to Start Living the Life She Imagined

Call it the “Triple D of Truth” if you must, because it’s worth a space in your memory. Let’s break it down.

Your decisions are what motivate you to keep moving forward, stand still or back pedal. Big decisions, little decisions, medium sized decisions. They are all important, and if you are like most people, after consuming this knowledge, you will take immediate action to start being vigilant to all of the decisions you make in your life, regardless of how big or small, important or insignificant they seem.

Now, I won’t to bore you with an intensely long explanation about my experiences with the Triple D’s, or why you should be more considerate of your decisions. Instead, I’ll give you some simple truths to contemplate and decide how you will integrate them into your life.

  • Truth #1: Happy people are happy because they decide to be happy more often than they decide to be in any other state of mind.
  • Truth #2: Healthy people are healthy because they decide to make consistent decisions to choose healthy foods, activities and friends, more often than they decide to do the opposite.
  • Truth #3: Successful people, be it in their careers, families or reputation, are successful because they consistently decide to stay focused on the thoughts, actions and rituals that will consistently bring them more success.

If these truths don’t align well with what’s going on in your life, then it’s time to talk to your inner decision maker. The next time you go into the kitchen for a snack or meal, pay attention to what you decide to eat. When you leave to be somewhere, pay attention to the decisions you make and whether they lead you to be on time or late. Stay vigilant when something seems to go wrong in your life, and notice what meaning you decide to give to those negative events, and what decisions you decide to make about what you will do after that something has gone wrong.

Pay attention to all your decisions, and your life will start transforming into the life you’ve been working to create.

To help you out on this journey towards more thoughtful decisions, grab the free download below. Then come back here, to tell me how it went.

Veranda Lane Decisions Journal Download

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