People: My Favorite Ingredient

The most important ingredient in my recipe for success is Other People. I’ve been encouraged by the symbiotic relationships that I’ve just bumped into on this journey of mine. Meeting someone in a completely random place at precisely the right time that has the information, insight, or intuition that I need at that moment… it’s simply amazing.

Meeting Kenetia

The most serendipitous of these meetings was with a women whom words cannot easily describe. Kenetia Lee is a red-carpet makeup artist, new author, motivational speaker and a warm sweet giving soul . I met her online nearly six months ago. During that time, I made most of money providing online marketing services for small business owners. I had several clients, but none whose business I could be super passionate about. Then, I ran across Kenetia’s ad. After a little research into her background and her company, I decided that I absolutely HAD to work with her. One problem: The website she posted on wouldn’t let me apply because she was looking for a web designer and I am far from that. What to do? Pre-2012 me would’ve moved on to the next listing and forgotten about Kenetia, but I just couldn’t do it. So, I did more research, looked her up on Facebook and sent her a message acknowledging the weirdness of my approach and letting her know that I wanted to be a part of her team. And whaddayouknow…it worked! 

Six months later this has been the single most productive working relationship I’ve ever had. We’ve worked together to grow her business and launch her book Fearless Beauty: A Woman’s Guide to Living Bold Beautifiul and Free which just happens to be available on Amazon right now (shameless plug). But it’s also lead to several other great connections for me and my business.


The first and most awesomely random connection was to my mentor coach. In on of our first conversations, I told Kenetia that I was in the process of becoming a life coach and had reached out to coaches to learn about what they do. The ever so helpful Kenetia says, “I have a friend that’s a coach in L.A. and does something similar, you should give her a call…her company is Polka Dot Coaching.” My response, “Shut up.” I’d only talked to four life coaches in my life, all in that month, and Nailah was not just one, but my favorite of them all. I immediately called Nailah and asked her to be my mentor coach. The work I did with her transformed my dream and my passion into a viable business. Had it not been for that moment of intense synchronicity I may have never thought to reach out to her again.

I could tell other stories about my first coaching client (who also came in a very weird way through Kenetia) or the guy I met at Starbucks who taught me about government contracting (they way I plan to make millions) or Monique, a woman who I also met at Sbux and was the first person in 10 yrs of explaining why I wanted to be a life coach that also saw the show Starting Over.  I met her literally 10 minutes after I’d grown so frustrated with no one knowing what I was talking about that I googled a coach from the show, found her on LinkedIn and sent her a personal email about how her show changed my life. Ten minutes later, Monique walks in, sits down and says “Oh a life coach? like on that show Starting Over?” And I almost cried.

Okay, so I did tell you about Monique (I just couldn’t NOT tell you that one), but there are tons of other stories about the people I’ve met and the ways they’ve encouraged my path.  It always feels random, but I know that it isn’t. It’s a part of a greater plan that has been written to lead me to where I need to be. These meetings, these people are a major ingredient in my Recipe for Success.

This post is two in a series of five that I’m writing as a part of Young Femal Entrepreneurs Blog IT Week, you can view the other posts here: 

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  1. rodneyrobertson

     /  December 24, 2012

    It’s awesome when you are in the right place at the right time meeting the right people. Much success to you!

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