My Crazy Start

I opened the virtual doors of Veranda Lane this year and it still feels very new to me. My startup came about as a result of a lifetime of crazy decisions.

  1. I started working at the age of 14. Doesn’t seem so crazy…until 16 years later. I found myself having worked continuously for 16 years. Never a lapse of more than a month, not even in college. I’ve done everything from shelving books in the library and selling jewelry in the mall, to working with top-level HR executives at Fortune 500’s and developing B2B Marketing campaigns. I was notorious for working late, being always on call, and rarely taking a vacation…for 16 years. Crazy.
  2. My second crazy decision was one that I made every day for about 3 years. I was in my last job for 5 years, but I really only enjoyed the first 2. But for some CRAZY reason, each day from 2008 to 2011, I decided to wake up and go to this job that drained the life out of every inch of my soul.
  3. Most people in my life think those two were pretty normal decisions. However, where we all agree is that this last one was a doozy. On December 6 2011, I marched into the office of the SVP of HR and passionately explained why that would be my very last day.  With tears in my eyes and disdain for the corporate system in my tone, I made an exit worthy of the 16 years of agony I felt working for others. Insane!

After three months, a meditation retreat and lots of daytime tv, I had an epiphany. For 10 years, I’d been telling everyone that would listen that no matter if I were marketing, organizing, or developing campaigns what I REALLY wanted to do was be a life coach.  So, deciding that the idea had marinated long enough, I hit the interwebs, researched schools, spoke with practicing coaches, selected a program and enrolled immediately.

Six months later, I’m two weeks away from completing my certification. I have twenty hours and 2 paying clients under my belt. But most of all, I am happier than I have ever been. This process of becoming a coach is by far the craziest decision I’ve ever made. It’s not just been a journey of learning a new skill or picking up techniques. This process has required a complete upheaval of the way I have lived my life for 31 years. I’ve uncovered a level of compassion, authenticity and control that I did not know lived inside of me. My dialogue is different, both internal and external.  My circle has expanded to include incredible people with divine vision and passion for life, I hope to add you to that list.

Every morning when I wake up and realize that I don’t have to punch a clock or report to a cubicle or deal with treacherous coworkers or train a boss who makes thrice my salary, I think to myself “This is Crazy”.

YFE Blogit Week

This is#1 in what I hope will be 5 posts this week as I participate in the Young Female Entrepreneur’s BlogIT week. Check it out, and please cheer me on as I go from a two month absence (YIKES!) to 5 blog posts in a row. #Crazy

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