Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

“I’m a complete mess.”
“I suck at being a grown up.”
“I’m so fat.”

We think these thoughts every day; beating up on ourselves in a way that we’d never do to another person.  Then, we look around and believe that they are true. My question is: what comes first the thought or the reality? Okay, it’s more of a rhetorical questions, because I’m going to tell you the answer.  Humans were given the power to create the world that we live in with our thoughts. Sound like crazy mind control mumbo jumbo? It’s so far from it. Neuroanatomist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor tells us “We have the power to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world.”  This is a woman who plays with brains for a living; if she says so, I believe her!

It’s a shame that we were given this awesome power to control the way the world works, yet we use it to tear ourselves down. And what purpose does it serve? Together, today, you and I should make the conscious decision to STOP IT.  

Here’s how I propose we do that:

Be a mind control master

When you feel these nasty thoughts creeping into your brain, you have two choices. You can open the door and let them in, or you can drop kick them to curb. Here’s where my advice gets weird. EITHER of those is totally okay! If you let it in, you give yourself a chance to face that feeling and nurture it. If you think, “I’m so fat”, then take a moment to understand the place in yourself where that thought comes from. Find that spot that feels the “fattest” and care for it. Once you’re done, kindly let it go.

If you are the more aggressive type, then do it, drop kick that thought right outta your head. When you hear that nagging voice saying, “I suck at work”, shut it down. Pause for a moment to realize that the statement is totally fundamentally untrue. Then shake it out of your head. Seriously, shake your head, tell that thought like an old church grandma would say “You’re a lie, and the truth ain’t in ya.”

Change the story

These things that we think to ourselves are all stories, fables even. We’ve been telling these stories to ourselves, our friends and family for years. It’s no more true than the Cinderella, Snow White or Beauty and the Beast. What you must do is change the story. If you don’t, if you simply banish the thought then you leave that space open for it to return, kick it’s feet up and settle back into that space. However, if you decide to tell yourself a better, more honest story, then thought has no place to live.  Turn “I’m completely lack discipline” to “I’m very disciplined in many areas of my life, and I’ll allow that to seep into all others.” In that way, you remind yourself that while you may not be disciplined in your exercise routine, you do have that discipline in your work, your diet, your relationships, etc. When you celebrate yourself for having discipline in all those areas, no little nagging thought can tell you anything about anything.  You become the master of your domain.

Redirect the energy

Okay, so you’ve got mind control over yourself, you’ve written a new story for your life, now what? Now, you’re ready to live!  Take all that you have and use it to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Those new thoughts lead you to do new things. Instead of pouting in the mirror because you’re “too fat”, you can go for a run because you’ve reminded yourself that you are healthy enough to move. Rather than hating your job because you “suck at it”, you can start looking for a new job because you now know that you’re simply not using your best talents. See? It’s like magic. You take whatever negative energy you were using to wallow in these hurtful thoughts and use that to rise above it, move beyond it and become successful in every area of your life.

So, are you up for the challenge? Tell me below how you plan to Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life. 


“I’m going to stop thinking _______ and start thinking ____________”

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