Life Lessons from the Jackson Family Drama

What can we learn from this hot mess?

Have you been keeping up with this saga? It makes my brain hurt and my heart wince to see such a hot family mess. But, I’m all about pulling the lesson out of everything I see, so I’m going to try to explain in 500 words or less what you can learn from this and apply to your life.

The Very Best Of Michael Jackson With The Jack...

From the Very Best to the Very Worst.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(a little judgement/ranting, then I’ll move on) If any of the adults in this situation considered the welfare of these children there’s no way they’d have gone for 9 days without talking to their primary guardian. Had that step been taken, this wouldn’t have been a story; it would’ve been “Katherine Jackson went on vacation.”  That was completely irresponsible and thanks to the fact that no one is watching what Paris Jackson says on Twitter, we all know at least this one thing is true, she was worried about her grandmother.

Make Your Own Decisions

Whether you are 82 or 22, no other adult can make you do anything without threat of physical harm. Your parents, siblings, friends and lovers will all have an opinion about what you should do in EVERY situation in your life. You must learn to take that feedback and only use what is useful and right FOR YOU. This means that your solution may sound crazy to them; who cares?  Live your life, your way and you won’t ever have to apologize or explain.

Mind Your Business

Ooh double entendre ;) Get your personal affairs in order. If another adult has put their personal affairs in order, let them be. You might not like it, you may even know exactly how it will fail.  Sometimes you have to let things happen the way that they will. No matter what anyone says, we have to believe this is about money. Michael Jackson had a will in place. Read it, hate it if you want, but respect it, just as you should any other adult’s decisions. If you think the kids aren’t being served well, tell their guardian once in the best way you know how; then get back to your own business. Lest they be in physical danger, MIND YOUR BUSINESS. When you force someone to do things “your way”, you rob them of a potential life lesson.

Crazy Coups = A Hot A$$  Mess

So you just can’t stay out of it? Reread #3. If you still insist on stepping in, do so with tact. Approach the conversation in a way that expresses your love and good intentions. Explain to the other party what has made you step in and give them an opportunity to make the right decisions on their own.  Have you ever seen Intervention on A&E? They get results because they do things decently, in order and in love. Don’t stage a coup, form a posse or steal someone’s mother!

That is my 500 words, Good Day.

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