Split Second Decisions

Business DecisionsToday I was hustled by two men at the gas station. They took one look at my car, with its wrecking ball sized dents on each side, and saw dollar signs in their eyes.  The driver pulled beside me as I pumped gas and in his best quick-fast-double talk asked me if I wanted him to fix my dents in 10 minutes for super cheap. The truth? No, I didn’t want them fixed not by him, not in 10 minutes and not for super cheap. I wanted them fixed by a professional, in whatever time it took to get the job done right for a reasonable price.

But this guy was right in front of me. “$150 and I’ll make it look brand new”. I wanted to call someone for advice. I wanted to look it up on the internet to see what the going rates were. I wanted to do my research! Alas there he was, he’d already pulled over and taken his tools out. “You’re going to do it right here!?!”. Oh boy. I caved.

$200 dollars and 15 minutes later my dents were all gone, but I felt a pang in the pit of my stomach. I knew that for the next week, I’d be looking at those dents (that never quite bothered me before) and wondering if it was really worth it. Was that split second decision the right one? Was I a victim of a high pressure sale? Had I been hustled?

Skip to two hours later: I’m at home. I’ve gotten out of my car after taking one last glance at the dents over my shoulder. I’m on the phone with a Life Coach. I’d done some research and found that she attended the same coach training program that I’m interested in. I emailed her and three other graduates to ask for their thoughts on the program.

She was coach was extremely helpful. She called back quickly to answer my question, encourage me, and give guidance on entering the profession. At the end of the call she asked “Are you currently working with a life coach”. UGH! There it was again. The hard sale. I flashed back to my earlier experience with the dent fixxer uppers and how they’d made me feel taken advantage of for spending so much money so quickly with no research. I quickly spouted about fifty five reasons why I don’t have a coach and wouldn’t be getting one anytime soon. Point well made. She backed off and suggested that I call her back if I had more questions about the training program.

Once I hung up, I felt that same pang of regret from earlier in the day. I still  hadn’t gotten it quite right. I’d been to this woman’s website, respected her enough to ask for her opinion, and enjoyed talking to her. Why did I say no!?! I’ve known for years that the first step in becoming a life coach is to get one of your own. And here, I had one on the phone, that I liked, respected and unfortunately…rejected.

My point: Pushy people suck. They make it bad for people that truly do want to help. Were my pride and my pockets not hurting from that first bad decision, I may not have made second with such haste.

Ahh, we live and we learn.

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